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During the past year, the Dentistry Canada Fund (DCF) has undertaken a process to develop a 2005 -2009 Strategic Plan and to establish the basis for the continued expansion and development of the DCF charity. As the Canadian charity for oral health, DCF's revitalized mission is to mobilize and allocate resources for the advancement of oral health through education, research and public outreach.

DCF's charitable programs are making valued contributions to these three tenets of our mission. Indeed, the charity has issued 152 grants and awards during its 2004-2005 fiscal year, with an increasing distribution to humanitarian and access to care cases. DCF is touching lives in a meaningful manner.

DCF's continued growth is in response to an escalation in the dimension of oral health needs across Canada. As a consequence, your DCF charity is receiving a substantial increase in the number of applications and enquiries urging us to do more!

  • There is a need to bolster education initiatives that maintain the high standards of care within our oral health professions.
  • There is a need for focused research on oral health issues, including determining the parameters of the challenges we face in Canada - in fact, there is a paucity of such research.
  • There is a significant and growing need to address access to care issues for disadvantaged segments of the Canadian population.

We recognize that the charity and profession are presently limited in our ability to respond to all of these issues - but - we also believe that the time is right to greatly increase the resources we bring to bear on these challenges. In this regard, we are in the early stages of launching several new ambitious initiatives and we look forward to sharing the emerging news on these activities with you throughout 2006.

Bob Hope once said: "If you haven't got charity in your heart; then you've got the worst kind of heart trouble." We're blessed at DCF with gifts of support from numerous charitable hearts and we're genuinely touched by these acts of generosity flowing from our donors and our friends.

Thank you for your contributions and for the confidence you've invested into our programs and into our future. You are the life blood flowing through the charity's operations and your heart uplifts our compassionate programs.


Dr. Bernard Dolansky
President and Chairman
Richard Munro, CFRE
Executive Director